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Working for You

Our recruiters are skilled at finding the perfect fit for your specific needs. New clients are often surprised to receive several excellent resumes from TalentPro shortly after placing a new job order. Our regular customers have come to expect it.

Temporary Contractors

We produce fast results with our proprietary database of more than 30 thousand IT/Engineering contractors ready to fill your job openings.

Temp to Direct

When you speak with a TalentPro representative, ask about our temporary to direct hire program, which will save you time and money.

Direct Hire

Finding the right candidate to fit your specifications can be time-consuming. Let our recruiters reduce that time by using our innovative recruiting techniques.

What Our Clients Have to Say

“They have made my job easier. Very prompt and responsive to our needs, gets resumes to us quickly.”

Sherry Hall, HR Manager Sterling Software

Candidate Testimonial

"I appreciate the assistance given to me during my placement. TalentPro has always been ready to answer my questions and accommodate my requests. Working with TalentPro has been a very positive experience. Thank you!"

Ibu Akinyeni